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Dear Content Owners: Broadcast Ads Will Never Pay You Better Than They Already Do



Dear Content Owners: You're Monetizing The Wrong Product (Shell)



New Theory for Economic Value


"Price is a function of Supply and Demand" is missing an important variable: Model. The Model changes everything.

Medium's Delusional New Claps Model


The problem is "ad-driven media on the internet." The solution is ... claps.

You Can't Compete With Free - But Ad-Supported Content Isn't Free


You can't compete with free - but ad-supported content isn't free at all. It simply takes payment in a different form, and you can compete with that.

Advertising Needs A New Business Model


As a measure of GDP, advertising in near an all time low. A new business model will change that.

Advertisers Praise Home Invasion For "Getting Noticed"


"It gets to you in your living room. It messes with you."

Advertisers Are That Creepy Guy At The Bar


Perhaps it's time to stop talking about direct communication, and actually communicate directly? If you don't, you'll just be that creepy guy at the bar.

Sex & Email: A Guide For Marketers


What's the point of doing consumer surveys if you're going to ignore the results?

Dear Content Owners: Broadcast Ads Pay You Exactly What They Should


You wanted to be in the "content creation" business, only to discover you're in the "ad delivery" business. Here's why...

Stegano, Part 2: Who Is Responsible For Malicious Ads?


One of the fun consequences of the current adtech system is the possibility of malicious ads: ads that come with hidden code designed to do nefarious things. Of

Stegano (Ad Blocking Is The Right Thing To Do)


If you're in ads or publishing, you've seen all the arguments for and against ad blockers - including one which opponents of ad blocking tend to gloss over. I r

Content Owners: Subscription-Only Leaves Money On The Table


Subscriptions seem to be the go-to answer for all the internet's monetization needs – but are they right way to maximize your income?