Consumer Sponsorships FAQs

What is Craav?

Craav is a consumer sponsorships platform - where brands literally sponsor consumers.

It gives consumers premium entertainment such as print, video, and music, supported by an entirely new business model for advertising and marketing.

What is Consumer Sponsorships?

Consumer Sponsorships is a way for advertisers to directly connect with interested consumers and deliver personalized, interactive communications as part of their entertainment.

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It’s an easy way for advertisers you like to pay for the content you actually want, when you want it, instead of slapping obnoxious ads everywhere and chasing you around the internets.

It’s a patent pending set of processes that implement a monocast ad model as an integrated component of each consumer's digital entertainment experience.

It’s an opt-in, consumer-first approach to advertising that enables advertisers and consumers to effortlessly cooperate in real time for their mutual benefit.

It’s a transactional model for scalable one-to-one advertising, marketing and communication, that uses connections to known individuals – so advertisers know exactly where every cent goes, can precisely control ad spend on a per-consumer basis, and audit the entire system externally.

It’s direct to consumer advertising and marketing that spans the full customer lifecycle, letting you continuously monitor and improve the customer experience while optimizing spend according to each consumer’s lifetime value.

Consumer Sponsorships is a dynamically interactive, neuroscience-based advertising and marketing technology that leverages best-in-class RI and high-performance computing to algorithmically drive real-time on-demand engagement as well as ethereal and corporeal conversions that can be reliably and objectively measured with proprietary fact-based attribution modelling, through the programmatic distribution of immersive rich media to verified & cognitively active homo sapiens, with digital fingerprinting technology for unprecedented targeting accuracy to reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

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